What Makes Us Different? Why choose us? 
To truly understand what makes Donation Nation Inc. different than our competitors, you must answer these following statements:

If you care about reducing your environmental carbon footprint 
If you believe that your items should be donated, recycled and redistributed 
If you have mixture of quality and poor quality items 
If you live in a second floor+ apartment or elevator, or operate in a commercial setting
If you believe that Montgomery County, Maryland can become a green sustainable community
 If you answered yes to any of these statements, than Donation Nation Inc. is the only service within our region that can assist you properly pickup and recycle and redistribute your unwanted items. At the end of the day, you will get what you pay for. This is why:  

compare chart

When Donation Nation Inc. is compared to our largest competitors in our region, companies that have a national footprint and million dollar marketing campaigns, the differences are quiet stark. Yes, our junk removal competitors will pick up anything and everything besides chemicals, but they do not have the process in place to divert your items from going into the landfill; the process is everything, understanding the environmental impact of these choices, is everything! 
Understanding the philosophy behind our competitors

For profit companies have one goal, make money and make their investors happy; refine your process and improve efficiency and the money will flow in. To understand the philosophy behind our competitors, we must begin with their origin story of the rise of a multi-billion dollar industry.
Globalization has reached into American online infrastructure, trade agreements, public policy, and our consumerist culture; Americans love cheap products, and our consumers have reaped the benefits. The Junk Removal Industry rose from this economic shift in the 1990’s to provide a service that would provide equilibrium to the amount of consumption and the social habit of buying the new and the cheap. Junk Removal companies began their businesses models on the concept that you, the consumer will continue the trend of buying new and cheap products and have to get rid of your old items. Welcome to clutter, and the rise of a multi-billion dollar industry. Over the years, the Junk removal industry has failed to adapt, failed to improve its process and has left a devistating environmental footprint on our community and society.